Pre - school Stage

High/Scope Curriculum
  The High/Scope curriculum, one of the mainstream courses in the modern early childhood education curriculums introduced from the United States, a kind of characteristic early childhood education course that is based on the theory of constructivism and integrates research results of modern pedagogy and psychology. This curriculum encourages children to take the initiative to learn, interact with the object, accumulate key experience in practice, and pay attention to children's cognitive, social, physical and other aspects' development.

A-AH Curriculum

  The A-AH curriculum is a kind of curriculum and teaching model based on today's early childhood education philosophy, brain science knowledge and creativity theory. A-AH stands for the "light bulb" in the brain that suddenly turns on, which will provide the children with the opportunities to think and explore constantly, let the children experience the time when they have inspiration and cultivate innovative thinking habits.

International Cultural Curriculum
  In this curriculum, we encourage children to learn English as their mother tongue. Under the leadership of foreign teachers, the children can unconsciously learn the English and feel foreign culture through the painted lantern festival, parent-child camp fire show, make-up masquerade, Thanksgiving, Halloween, international summer camp activities, international sister network exchange and other colorful activities, thus building bridges for children to move toward to the future and the world.

Interest Supermarkets
  It aims to fully tap and play the child's interest, let the children choose their own various types of interest activities, including jazz drum, Orff music, piano, dance, feeling comprehensive training, pulley, martial arts, swimming, football, basketball, game of go, creative art, randy's DIY pottery painting, DIY handwork, classics education, thinking games, computer games, English games, sharing reading, language art and magic theater. All these interests are selected by their children and inspired voluntarily and spontaneously.

Compulsory Education
  Adhering to the concept of green education and pursuing the goal of educating the people, we have built lifelong development curriculum system for student through continuous exploration and summary of scientific practice:


International High School

  Students at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai follow the international IGCSE and A-Level curriculum. When they have finished their time with us, students will leave school with both IGCSE and A-Level qualifications. These qualifications are not only accepted by all the world’s leading universities but also have a proven track record in producing high quality graduates.


    We currently offer two pathways, the standard four-year programme and a three-year fast track programme: 

In both programmes students, on entry to the school at Year 10, take the compulsory examined subjects of Maths, English, Mandarin and the non-examined subjects of Drama, ICT, PE and Community Service. The four-year students then choose 5 other examined option subjects, sitting their final IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11. The fast track students choose three examined option subjects, taking their IGCSE exams at the end of Year 10.


    We believe that for the majority of our students the four-year programme is more appropriate. However, for a small number of students the fast track course may be a better option.


    As students begin their A-Level study in year 12, they take the compulsory, non-examined subjects of PE and University Counselling and then choose their four best subjects to study at Year 12 (AS exams) and then carry on with their best 3 subjects into Year 13 (A2 exams). The A-Level qualification is awarded by combining AS and A2 exams. Each year we also offer a very small number of places directly onto our A-Level courses. However, entrance is highly competitive and students would be expected to have equivalent English proficiency of IELTS Level 6.5.

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