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Compulsory Education

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  Compulsory education is a key link to undertake the international kindergarten and international high school, and plays an important strategic role in the education system of Huafa Education. Huafa Education compulsory education (Yung Wing School, Yung Wing Academy) adheres to Yung Wing spirit and implements "Promise children a future" education thought and "green education" concept by rooting in traditional culture and absorbing essences of Western education. It takes "Developing Education, Inheriting Culture, Cultivating Society" as mission, and educating “Harmony, Vitality, Inclusiveness, Elegance” talents of social elites as ideal, and is committed to create a brand school with traditional culture features and international education features. The school has been rated as "Top Ten Brands of Private Schools in China". In addition, Huafa Education also acts as a trustee to comprehensively manage No.1 Primary School, No. 1 Junior High School and The First Campus of Yung Wing Academy in Hengqin New Area. Huafa Festival Walk Primary School is also in full-swing preparation.


  People-oriented, Health & Sunshine, Harmony & Erudition, Tolerance & Advancement, Pursuit of Excellence, and Social Responsibility


  People-oriented, Pursuit of Excellence. Build the school into an elite brand school with certain influence in the country and with obvious traditional cultural features and international education characteristics.


Educational Philosophy
  Green education concept, compliance with the human development, promoting the human nature, let the children grow up in a healthy environment


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